Concerning the measures taken for quality control , study and research,
IMPRESA ROSSI LUIGI Quality System is certified in accordance with
UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, adopting the Manual of Quality Procedures for the following activities:
- How to improve the QMS.
- How to control documents, data and records.
- Procedures for the maintenance and calibration.
- Procedures for managing contractual relationships.
- How to control the design process, tests, tests and checks their condition.
- How to manage the purchases.
- How to control non-compliance and information from the customer.
- Procedures for internal audits.
- Procedures for corrective and preventive actions.
Compliance is ensured by the quality manager as supervisor of the processes and rules.

The production process within the company is entrusted to technicians, taking into account the operational arrangements for individual orders, according to the specifications in their tender documents.