IMPRESA ROSSI LUIGI of Florence is registered at the Chamber of Commerce Business Florence paragraph 00972110480 and R.E.A. No 253306, at Florence Court at No. 23688.
Created in 1975 as a laboratory specializing in aerophotogrammetric surveys and mapping of analog and evolved during the decades of his work, in companies specializing in aerial surveys and digital mapping and database creation and management of topographic, gaining significant experience in interdisciplinary areas of land management.
Operates throughout the country and abroad and has earned over time a reputation of trustworthiness and competence, based on its experience and professionalism of its employees.

Role and characteristics

IMPRESA ROSSI LUIGI has a streamlined structure with an important and highly qualified and led falls, characteristics and dimensions in a vertical market segment.
The experience gained in the sector with the most varied types of Clients ( EE.PP. , research centers, public and private companies etc. . ) coupled to the mentality and calling company has helped develop one of the main strengths of our Company, which is the ability to correctly interpret the needs of the customer and suggest specific solutions quickly.
The product / service designed and built by ROSSI LUIGI ltd, responds fully to the project specifications with practical solutions and functional, manageable and characterized by a good price - quality ratio.
One of the fundamental aspects of our society, and to be in the national scene, the only Italian company to manage the entire production, from design to production phase to delivery " turnkey " product .
Very careful ahead of time using the latest technology and streamlining production processes, ROSSI LUIGI ltd personnel form and structure its software to meet the increasing demands of the market, in particular has a team of technicians and specialists who, based on customer requirements, it is able to integrate the commercial software used in more context of digital mapping and to create new solutions designed to better manage the production process and the achievement of ever higher quality standards.